Earl Grey Whipped Cream Teacups

Heat 600ml of double cream to a simmer. Turn off heat and add your choice of tea. Steep until desired taste is achieved (about 30 minutes for us) and remove tea. Let cool completely. Whip cream until stiff peaks appear.

Directions for the teacup and saucer:
Shape foil into a cup. Cut a long rectangle of puff pastry and wrap around the bottom side of the foil cup. Cut, fold, and press pastry until it covers the entire bottom of the foil, forming a full cup. Cut a second small strip of puff pastry to create the cup’s handle. Make two slits in the side of the pastry cup and shove the ends of the pastry handle into the slits. To make the saucer, simply cut out a circle of pastry. Bake the cup and Saucer at 200°C until golden brown. Cut saucer in half and place cup on top. Pipe whipped cream into tea cup.

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